Cheap Hotel is like in Tokyo

Welcome back to my channel and for those of you who are new heisman last day i am reena skully coming to you from japan today’s video is all about what it’s like to stay in a hotel in Tokyo that only costs 46 dollars a night if you frequent Japan you probably know or have heard of about it it is a huge hotel chain in Japan and if you’re in a city there’s about a dozen of them per district especially in somewhere like Tokyo they are categorically what is known as a business hotel which is intended for practicality and convenience rather than luxury which means the rooms are highly functional but super small and perfect for traveling for work whenever I go to Tokyo for work or play.

I try to stay at least one night because otherwise I feel like I’m hustling way too hard to get there and then hustling on my way back and it’s just too much and I’m not spry enough for that anymore so I stayed at the up a hotel in Higashi Shinjuku Kabukicho which is a 12 minute walk from the main Shinjuku Station and only like a three minute walk from the Higashi Shinjuku metro station so it’s super convenient so the price of one night at this hotel was only 46 dollars and that’s kind of crazy because it normally is about I’d say 60 to 80 I think it was just kind of a low season time that I happened to go say it just really depends on the week but still very cheap that check-in time is strictly 3 p.m. but you can pay a thousand yen which is about 10 bucks to check in earlier I am a cheapo so instead I hung out in their little cafe next to their Lobby and waited until the 3 p.m. so I can check in.

I do believe this is also where you can get served breakfast here for a pretty good price I never do that though because again I’m cheap their cute little hibiscus drink I got though it was really tasty this hotel chain also caters to international learners and most of the staff are bilingual so don’t hesitate to speak in English even if the staff doesn’t speak in English everything is on a touchpad and there are language options for I believe English Chinese Korean and if that’s it Japanese Japanese as well duh duh now on to the room it is 118 square feet or 11 square meters and you’ll see in a minute that it is pretty much entirely taken up by the bed your key card is needed to activate the electricity in your room which is quite common in hotels like these actually you need to use your key card in order to even use the elevator and this specific one says that only guests are allowed to use the elevator and there is a very serious camera inside of the elevator so they will see if you try to sneak in a guest here is the desk and here’s this little path to your bed.

I believe this is the double bed size according to the website which is more than enough for me I think my husband would even fit comfortably on there with me you’re provided a pyjama robe kimono type thing which might be a bit uncomfortable if you’re not used to it which charming is they always leave an origami crane on top of your kimono robe pajama thingy everything is really nice and modern the room temperature is controlled by a touchpad next to your bed which also has lighting options and extra outlets for whatever you need to charge like your phone something I really appreciate about opera is that they have very very good Wi-Fi and it is complementary with the room you’d be surprised to see how many other hotels there are out there that don’t offer Wi-Fi for free or it’s crappy so this is a huge selling point for me now the view isn’t much but I was on the eighth floor so I’m sure it’s more cityscape horizon picturesque ski on higher floors I personally do not give a crap about the views especially when I’m there for work so this is this really just doesn’t bother me at all but on the flip side I care very very deeply about the bathroom situation think about Appa hotel is that they are very clean I’ve been to a bunch of hotels and a lot of the bathrooms smell kind of bad I am very sensitive to smells I hate the smell of mildewy water and usually shower curtains are the culprit of that smell and I hate it it smells demonic to me I can’t stand it and I have to take a bath I love baths I have to take one so I cannot sit there and take one if it smells like ass mildew but I’ve never had a smelly appa room ever like ever anyway it comes with amenities like shower caps toothbrushes and toothpaste q-tips what you typically find in business hotels I like to bring my own cleansers and shampoos and whatnot but they do have all of these ready for you as well as I mentioned before I love taking baths it’s my therapy so especially when I’m working I need to be able to take a long hour soak at the end of the day.

I am super short I’m only 5 feet tall so this tiny egg-shaped tub is actually quite perfect for me I can see how this is a little bit cramped for somebody who is taller though awesome the faucet for the tub is also the faucet for the basin so you just have to turn it when you want to fill the tub there’s always a hairdryer extra tissues and a laundry service option in each room an electric kettle mugs and complementary tea and coffee and a mini fridge I use the mini fridge like crazy whenever I go I usually head to a combini and just stuff the mini fridge with all the delicious company food so yeah again I’m cheap I don’t want to go out and eat like by myself in a restaurant you know I like to sit in my room by myself maybe eat in the tub while I take a bath because I’m a monster there are other things like in-room massages for an additional cost and there are also books and manga about the CEO of Appa and I’ve never read them or anything.

I just thought that it was kind of in sting that they would even have that and finally just some qualms about the room it is obviously not perfect how can it be there are some minor blemishes here in there but other than the curtain stains a little marks on the wall and the cup that was left in the corner of the fridge there really isn’t anything to complain about I guess they could use another elevator checkout time is at 11:00 a.m. and since there’s only one elevator everybody checks out at the same time and it takes a very very long time to get back down to the lobby that’s this isn’t really like a complaint I just thought it was kind of bizarre for a hotel to only have one elevator there are also no stairs that you can take other than the emergency stairs and you can’t open the emergency stairs or else the alarms go off so yeah only one elevator that’s that’s not great so that’s it for my hotel tour of what a forty six dollar a night hotel is like in Shinjuku Tokyo.

I just want to reiterate that it is not always that cheap the price definitely fluctuates but it is rarely rarely over a hundred bucks a night there thank you so much for watching this video please give it a like if you enjoyed it and found it informative do you think you’d be comfortable in this room and do you think the price is worth the quality please let me know in the comments section below and I hope this gives you another option for some nice cheap and savvy traveling in Tokyo don’t forget to subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already thank you again so much for watching and I will see you in my next video so until tonight there’s a lot of peaches in my background that’s okay right it’s a little weird that there’s like a gap there but whatever it right it um it really bothers me that these guys are so alone hold on a second okay Shh talking another wind outside let’s do this now I’m too tall I have never said that in my life but I don’t much of the pika just get cut off these Pikachu what do you think I’m talking to you hey looks good I don’t know who cares right yeah look it should I be further I don’t even know how to shoot video sitting down.